Your questions answered



Below are some typical questions or information that we feel is useful for you to make an informed decision.

Why use Circadian?
The team have worked with Financial Services firms for over 10 years, tried and tested methods, a wealth of knowledge and a professional & friendly approach to supporting firms through the process of reconciling income efficiently and cost effectively. We have many years’ experience in the industry, your income processing & pay run deadlines will be our priority.
What are your standard fees?
The outsourcing service is costed at £35ph (plus VAT).
How do you calculate time spent working on accounts?
Every member of the Circadian team tracks their time using Harvest timesheets and so all work, and invoices, are completely transparent.
Is there a notice period?
Just one month. We do offer a one month trial period, with no notice period as well.
Do you do online training?
Absolutely. It’s our most popular training option. Flexible on length of the sessions, a bespoke structure to enable you to learn on the job.
Do you do office visits, for training?
Yes we do, our work has already taken us to all 4 corners of the United Kingdom, so there is really anywhere we won’t travel too. Our additional travel/accommodation costs will always be kept to a minimum.

Why use Circadian services?

Dedicated focus

Dedication & focus

Circadian can help you focus on the business of doing business. Our clients are used to payments arriving seamlessly. It makes their businesses more efficient and gives them a better insight into various areas of their business.
Our experience

Our experience

The Circadian team have many years experience in the Financial Services industry, and have been working on Intelliflo Office since its release. We have built up tried and tested methods, specialist skills that have helped many firms across the UK to get the most from their back office system, and in the most efficient manner.
Always deliver

Always deliver

In the early stages, we believe it is essential to take the time to fully understand your business. To us, that means listening, and learning about what makes your people and processes unique.
Good relationships

Great relationships

Our business is based around building great relationships so service is important. We believe that is built on prompt response times and we aim to over deliver all the time, every time.