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Intelliflo Office Training

We aim to support firms in getting their income reconciliation running accurately and efficiently within Intelliflo Office, we provide training sessions both in-house and online (Teams or Zoom).

The sessions are tailored to where the firm is in the IO journey, so can cater for both new and existing firms, running through the day to day processes, troubleshooting anything not set up and working correctly.

These service cover:

  • System Configuration
  • Fee Models
  • Importing cash receipts & provider statements
  • Client Fee Management
  • Introducers
  • Split Templates & adviser bandings.
  • MI Reporting
  • RMAR Reports
  • Payment Run/Month Ends
  • Troubleshooting queries

How Circadian can help

We’ve over 20 years of running income processing teams, looking after firms & advisers on a regular basis, we look to share this knowledge and experience in a friendly, professional and practical manner. The sessions can be spread over multiple sessions, with bespoke agenda’s to meet your requirements.

Speak to Tim on 0845 4750 905 or email

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