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Configuration and administration

Improving business efficiences, data quality and evaluation services.

To improve the overall quality of the client and plan data on Intelliflo Office and to increase the level of automation within Intelliflo Office. Our project strategy is split across two areas of Intelliflo Office, Data Management Data and Quality & Automated Valuations.

Data Management Data Quality

We can help you Identify active and inactive client banks and restrict inactive client data where necessary. Assist your business to ensure all active client data to ensure that it is segmented correctly, whilst providing analysis on personal data gaps to cleanse and increase overall data quality. We can then provide recommendations on how to use the tools gained through the project to monitor and keep the quality of iO data consistently high. Based on an understanding of your business, we will provide a crib sheet tailored to your firm on what & how additional iO automation can enrich your data.

Quality & Automated Valuations

Using our knowledge and research, we can Identify bulk and Real Time Valuation providers used to prioritise the set up and cleanse data. We can create additional UDMI reporting to make and plan valuation analysis/issues easily identifiable, and then provide the business with real time valuation failure analysis and recommended steps to correct any issues.

These service cover:

  • Restrict Inactive Data
  • Client Segmentation
  • Bespoke Data Quality Reporting
  • Provide literature to maintain Data
  • Provide Data Quality Recommendations
  • Plan Analysis
  • Bespoke valuation reporting
  • Unipass Registration
  • Real time valuation schedules
  • Plan agency status cleanse

How Circadian can help

Utilise Circadian’s knowledge and experience of Intelliflo Office, income processing and system configuration by taking advantage of one of our project consultancy days.

We’ll aim to improve your efficiency, increase your use of the available functionality, maximising automation, thus saving you both time and money. We’ll provide a review of your existing set up free of charge!

Speak to Tim on 0845 4750 905 or email

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